March 28, 2014


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A few days ago I realized I've never really studied drawing big cats (or felines in general) and I've always found them really difficult to draw. In a sense they're very much like dogs when it comes to their basic anatomical features, but their movement and personality is so different from canines'. So I decided to examine the features that make, in this case a tiger, to look and feel like a tiger and after a couple of days' sketching I think I'm getting to understand the essence of the animal. This is a sketch that I made today in effort to capture the character of a mighty tiger through simple shapes and lines.

March 24, 2014

March 11, 2014

February 20, 2014

An unfinished animation project...

Oh my god I was just browsing my old drawings and stuff and came across this animation project that I started in 2008 but unfortunately never finished. I had totally forgotten it and I just can't believe how ambitious I was (I was 17 back then) and look at that animation in the beginning I don't think I could do much better now :'DD the story is about this fish, Albert, who desperately wants to find new friends but hooks up with the wrong gang. In order to be a member of this douche bag fish gang they want him to fetch them a bottle (lol why didn't I invent something a bit more of a value (or at least something that was not litter??)) but the quest goes terribly wrong and the story ends quite tragically :'--D I managed to animate 20 seconds before I got fed up with the project and gave up. Now I wish I had finished it!

February 12, 2014

Figures with brush marker

#human #figure #sketch #marker

Some 1-2 minute figure studies without a reference. Somehow the stuff just started to get weirder and weirder as I got more tired ehhehe... had fun though :D

Tali'Zorah sketches

#Mass Effect #Tali #Tali'Zorah #Sketch #drawing #illustration #rough #pencil #fan #art #study #poses #character #alien #quarian #concept

Tali from Mass Effect video game series, she's one of my favourite characters 8) I just love her design and she's such a joy to draw!